A dating app modeled around TikTok aspires to contend against Tinder and Bumble

Based on the success of TikTok, Lolly CEO Marc Baghadjian aims to redefine online dating and compete with long-standing market heavyweights Match (MTCH), Tinder, and Bumble (BMBL). The software merges social networking and dating into a single video-based stream.

“It’s exactly like a TikTok feed,” Lolly CEO Marc Baghadajian explained.” It’s much more evident on video because you can sometimes be interesting and smart.” You could still appear attractive, just like in a photograph.” As per the business, the concept for the app originated from the dissatisfaction that current dating apps did not offer the functionality that Gen Z desired.

“It is indeed a completely fresh approach to dating that rejects the old Bumble, Tinder setting,” Baghadjian added. “It’s almost like a mini-version of YouTube.” We have a mini TikTok. As well as the authorities are keeping a close eye on us. He believes Tinder, Bumble, and Match Group can take a closer look at some of the initiatives they are performing.”

founded in Baghadjian’s dorm room as a senior at Babson College and has attracted several prominent Silicon Valley investors. Baghadjian and his co-founder Sacha Schermerhorn have already raised more than $2.5 million from investors such as previous Apple CEO John Sculley as well as John Pleasants, the former president of Match Group’s parent business.

“We gathered $2.5 million from several of Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs,” Baghadajian added “The Silicon Valley Godfather, Ron Conway, joined in, plus with a slew of other outstanding entrepreneurs — venture capital firms.” ” We appreciate everyone’s support.” He highlighted that since the firm is still in its initial phases of development, the latest market uncertainty has had little impact on fundraising.

However, the TikTok formula appears to be functioning well. As per Baghadjian, the application has received millions of hits and is now ranked highly in the App Store. Whereas the typical dating site experience might not have been going to disappear, the CEO believes Lolly’s unique dating app is looking hot at the competition.

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