A Hyperlocal Dating App Is Getting Launched In LA

In Los Angeles, dating is quite hectic as the city’s traffic and air quality. To solve this issue, a hyperlocal dating app is getting launched in Los Angeles. L.A. Dating is a localized dating app for singles that helps to make neighborhood connections. Dating app founder Ben Mussi said that L.A. is the main dating app city. He also stated that this city was the birthplace of Tinder and other popular dating apps. Therefore this city is apt for launching another dating app. Los Angeles is the third city that is going to host Mussi’s hyperlocal app.


Mussi also launched a self-funded Seattle Dating in September 2019 for lonely hearts. The Seattle app worked excellently for traveling non-locals. After four months, Portland Dating went live. Since that time, both Portland Dating and Seattle Sating have gained enormous popularity. Apart from the hyperlocal focus, there are other features in Mussi’s City Dating apps. In this app, users will get the convenience of scheduled matching. Here a user’s profile shows which days of the week they are available to meet their suitable match. Mussi also mentioned that he thinks no other app has copied those features yet.

The City Dating apps are going to be free. In this dating app, users can buy verified profiles at $4.99. Also, a Pro account is available here at $21.99. With the Pro package, users will get the advantage of unlimited likes every day and 20-minute date coaching sessions. Mussi also feels proud of the app’s capability of spotting scammers. In this dating app, the use of VPN is very prevalent as it allows the users to hide their exact locations. Also, Mussi claims that his apps have banned more than 10,000 scammers, non-local users, and fake accounts.

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