A new bill proposed to regulate dating apps and websites with additional safety features

According to one Utah representative, dating applications and services should change for the good. Angela Romero, a Utah State Representative, has filed legislation that would compel these apps and websites to provide safety instructions and notify users if a criminal background investigation has been accomplished.

She believes H.B. 352 will not be voted on because of how measures are processed in the legislature. She also stated that she wants this measure to succeed to give better safety for those who use dating apps or websites.

There are several online dating services and applications to choose from

Individuals who use these applications or websites virtually always complain about their safety. “I believe it’s really necessary to get everything on the records because we ‘ve seen several situations here in Utah where people have been killed or robbed,” Rep. Romero said. Rep. Romero is the bill’s primary sponsor.

It states that if a dating service or app conducts background investigations, Utah consumers must be informed before connecting with someone on the website. If the site does not undertake verification, Utah residents will receive a similar notification. Businesses should additionally need to include a handful of warnings about how to use the app responsibly.

“I honestly think it’s a positive development because they were honest and transparent with you from the start, and now that you know about their background, they’ll be more truthful with you because they’re not trying to mask something about themselves,” Joey Young stated. Some Utahns appreciate the concept, including Young, who stated that he would like to incorporate the additional security feature.

According to Chavo Vain, if individuals were honest about their lives, these security mechanisms would not be required. “Be as honest and truthful as you can and develop a genuine conversation, a relationship before meeting these folks,” Vain said.

H.B. 352 has some context, according to Romero, because other countries already have something similar on the books, and it’s also a state law that pornography must include a warning label. Romero stated that she had the backing of the Salt Lake District Attorney’s office, however, she believes the bill was presented too late in the session.

“The aim is for all of them to have these safety guidelines just as a reminder to folks when they are using the applications or utilizing online means that people think about things ahead of time,” Rep. Romero explained. If H.B. 352 is not addressed in this session, Romero said she will propose it again next year as well as in subsequent years if necessary.

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