Are Dating Applications Obsolete?

As singles are increasingly unsatisfied with online dating as a way of finding love, they are taking everything into their own hands. They believe that love is a battleground, but in the jungle of online dating, it’s more like a wasteland. faceted and filtered, we search through possible matches like a virtually limitless stack of cards in pursuit of love – or at the very minimum a hook-up. Although we ultimately discover a connection, the ambiance is uncomfortable. Perhaps they’re unresponsive, or we’re distracted by real-world issues. Perhaps we’re excessively preoccupied with some other trustworthy partner, whose conversation will also run dry when we become bored and lose interest.

Individuals are ‘gently pushed’ to analyze the face of their potential mate within seconds within this gamified technique of swiping left and right. Except for some quick quips based on a set of pre-made prompts, nearly two out of every five individuals have used dating apps. However, relatively few applications disclose details about a user’s behavior. And therefore, no matter how hard you update your account with updated selfies (to showcase confidence), full-body images (to prove you’re not a scammer), as well as group photographs (to demonstrate you have connections), you usually end up feeling bored and miserable. Finding a partner is difficult including one (34%) of US people using dating applications for pleasure and 26% preferring applications for sexual relations.

The popularity of dating apps in keeping our interest is partly due to ego boost and in part to boredom bursting. However, after years of death and sickness, people want to use dating apps to make real relationships, not to achieve the social analytics battle of how many matches you’ve generated in X amount of days. Simply swiping into infinity in the hopes of striking love may sound exciting at first, but it rapidly gets meaningless. Tinder and Grindr were reportedly on the top of a list of apps most inclined to drive users dissatisfied. The hunt for alternative apps, of which there are plenty, appears equally pointless, driving you to quit virtual dating forever.

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