Avoid Dating App Cliches To Get A Match

Over the past decade, dating apps have become a staple of modern life. Some people treat dating apps as a game. While some others use dating apps to find their true love and connection. However, it’s quite difficult to know the intention of your match. Most people usually develop screening techniques to weed potential partners out faster. Noting a dating app cliche in a person’s bio is one of the easiest ways to identify someone. Therefore, there are some tips to follow that will help users to avoid such cliches in their profiles.


This February, Bumble has shared data with Lifehacker where there is a 30% increase in matches. A representative of this dating app said that it takes huge courage for people to put themselves on a dating app and start their dating journey. Usually, it’s easy to stick to popular references. Usually, people want to get connected with people who share common ground. But at Bumble the experts recommend giving anecdotes that show the matches that set them apart. So the users’ Bumble bio is an opportunity to represent their personality and find their potential match.

A relationship expert named Laurel House also said that previously profiles used to be fun, flat, and flirty. The profiles lacked depth, authenticity, vulnerability, and truth. But presently people are looking for genuine matches. To get something real, the users also need to be real and show their genuine phase. Therefore daters are presently putting both effort and time into their profile. Daters are representing their real preferences, aspirations, and lifestyles. The chief marketing officer and dating coach of OkCupid named Melissa Hobley said that in recent years dating profiles have become more straightforward. However, there are some cliches in the users’ profiles. Dating experts are suggesting avoiding dating profile cliche lines to get a more authentic match.

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