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Sharon Stone’s account is restored again after being blocked by a dating app


Sharon Stone, the actress of famous movie Basic Instinct, said some days ago that her account has been blocked by a popular and famous dating app Bumble.


Some of the users of this app reporter her profile as a fake profile and based on those report, Humble blocked her account. After then, the actress posted the whole incident on twitter and after discussion, Bumble restored her account. A spokesperson has apologised for the whole incident and said this misunderstanding happened because her profile was not photo verified.

According to the survey of dating app Plenty of Fish, £1350 is spend every year because of dating


Nowadays, almost everyone is available on dating apps. It is fun, less time consuming and you can have a great time with it.

But that doesn’t mean dating is free. As per the survey done by Plenty of Fish dating app, approximately £1350 is being spend by single Britons every year due to dating purpose. The users are supposed to find 13 potential love match in a year, and each time approx amount of £106.06 is spend where The highest spending is pre-date preparation.

According to the online survey, a heavy drinker and staying at home with parents guys are more searched on dating apps



A survey was done by researchers and after analyzing more than 5000 users, they have come to the conclusion that stays at home with parents guys and guys who drinks heavily are more prosperous in online dating than the other guys.

Study shows that, people actually love those who are honest about them and that’s what they want. They don’t want to like someone who is pretending. People who share their views and information are more successful in dating.

The con side of using dating apps frequently, you could have eating


In this era of technology, almost everyone is habituated in using dating apps. But these app have some disadvantages too. One of them is eating disorder.

As per the study which is done by the researchers of Harvard TH Chan School of public health in Boston, people who are  using dating apps frequently, are prone to eating disorder. As a result of this, they also have weight control problems. They have more than six unhealthy lifestyle habit and women are more prone to this disorder than men.

What are things that you need to know before choosing someone as your compatible match on dating apps


Dating is fun. Especially when you don’t want any commitment or something serious or does not want to face any complications. Almost everyone is available on dating apps in today’s life. But how to understand if you’re compatible with someone? Here are some things that you need to consider before choosing someone,

  • Don’t judge, especially based on what others tell you.
  • Keep an open mind, always.
  • Be more understanding.
  • Accept your differences and respect theirs.
  • Have a clear and faithful communication.


Why should the saints stay behind in the era of dating apps?

Yes, you read that right. A new app is launched in the internet market recently, where the priests and saints can come together and make friends.


It is not meant to pull people from their beliefs or hurt their faith. Rather, it is a community where they can meet like minded people and have a good time together. Users can log in or register using facebook and then they can put on the name of the church and edit the settings. After all, who says they can’t make friends?

Good News everyone! Dating app is now available for autistic spectrum too

Hiki, which is pronounced as hee-key, is made available recently in the internet market. The creator of this app is Jamil Karriem, a 28 years old boy.


It is specially designed for those who have autism spectrum disorder and in the memory of the creator’s cousin. The app is user friendly and easy to use. The colours that are used in the app is not supposed to give rise to any sensory reaction. The layout is simple and intuitive. There is no flash or sudden changes. This is very relaxing to its users.

Are You and Your Personal Details Really Safe on a Dating App?

Time has changed. Almost every person who is updated and technology dependent, are using dating app.


It is a great platform where you can make good friends, can meet new people and have a great time together. But is it really safe for you to be on dating apps? That is the question we all wants answers of. Recently, it has come to light that OKCupid and Grindr is leaking personal data to third parties

A New Dating App Is In The Market, The Portland Dating App

The technology market is full of dating apps. Every app is somehow unique than the others. Portland dating app is another app which was launched recently.


It is available both in android and iOS platform. The speciality of this app is it gives priority to the locals, their taste, their culture and is designed solely based on that. It connects many people from the neighborhood who has the same routine and compatible. It got a great response after launching. It has a full screen view which you’ll enjoy.