Celebrities can be blocked by dating apps too

Be it common people or celebrities, dating apps can block people. Recently actress Sharon Stone got blocked by Bumble, a leading dating app in the internet market. As per her twitter account, she said there were reports of having several fake profiles on the app.


So, she contacted Bumble via twitter and asked them about the whole incident. Sharon Stone is famous for her film Basic Instinct in 1992 and many more after that. She was married twice. After knowing the whole incident on her twitter, Bumble unblocked her and everything is fine.

You can filter out people who thinks that climate change is not a subject to be concerned on this dating app now

Every dating app is different than the others and has unique features. OKCupid is another app which has unique features too.


It filters out people who thinks climate change is not that big of a issue to be concerned about and denies it. People who use this app has talked about things like climate change, temperature, global warming, Greta Thunberg and so on. As it is the hot topic as of now, it can warn it’s users by this feature too.

Dating app is not only for fun, you can take revenge on creeps too, like this woman did on Hinge app

Dating app is great, right? It gives you a platform where you can meet new people and can spend a great time together.


However, there are some creeps who’s present in these dating apps too, like Hinge. Just some days ago, some man named Lake contacted a girl, whose name is Katie Pfeffer and told her that she is retarded. She contacted Lake’s father on Facebook and send him a screenshot of the whole incident. She posted on Twitter too.

She can’t get on Raya, a Exclusive Dating app, according to Hannah Brown

Raya is an infamous dating app, which is used by many celebrities, thanks to the technology. It’s application process is rather tough and complicated and not everyone can be approved for using this app.



Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette season 15 of ABC is not approved by this app too, according to her. Though, a PR of Christian Mingle said that she was offered an exclusive membership in the app and the waiting process can range from some days to months. Anyone who’s single can be accepted.

Everyone is being cautious about Corona Virus, Tinder is not so behind about it either

Almost everyone who is updated about the current news and uses technology almost every day, knows that Corona virus is our biggest concern right now.



So many people are suffering from it and that’s why everyone is being cautious about it. Tinder warned about it to their users too. Through an advertisement, Tinder is letting it’s users know that having fun is okay and all but first, be safe. Take appropriate steps. As many people use Tinder, it’s a great step to make people cautious.

Being on a Dating app can bring you danger too, so be aware of it

Dating app is for fun, right? Other than that, you can make great friends, can know different people, can have a good time, but it can bring danger too.


Yes, it’s possible. A woman stabbed a man whom she met via a dating app. Both of them thought to met at a hotel, spend time together and suddenly the woman stabbed. The man contacted the police via 911 and told everything. When the police came, they saw the man is stabbed and bleeding at hotel.

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