New Vegan Dating App Is Going To Cause Big Waves This Spring

This year, a recently launched vegan dating app named ‘Vegpal’ is going to cause huge waves in the plant-based world. This spring, vegans are looking for various ways to stay on track with their recent lifestyle. Boston-based animal rights activists Sravan and Dahlia created this dating app. They intended to provide a dating platform, particularly for vegans and vegetarians. Dahlia and Sravan recognized that vegans need a space to meet, connect, and share their values. The main thing that makes the users’ dating experience more interesting is talking about shared interests. The rousing conversation is the main part of the Vegpal experience.


Here, users can post things of their interest to their matches. Like Facebook, where users can share a statement on their profile page. They can share any YouTube video, a book, or pictures on their profile page as well. With the unique, My Feed feature users can express their interests and personalities. Thus they can initiate a more interesting conversation with their match. This dating app was designed particularly for the vegan community. Besides, this app shares a beautiful yet simple user interface that provides a relaxing experience to the users.

Dating may not be a very obvious thing for newly fledged vegans. But as their passion and values are growing for plant-based living, they must find a partner of similar interest. This is where Vegpal works perfectly. Regular dating apps are also giving preferences to vegans and vegetarians. However many users on this app don’t follow a plant-based lifestyle. Also, for some vegans, this app is a deal-breaker for intimate relationships. In terms of safety also, Vegpal is quite active. After installing this dating app, users have to complete an application procedure. It helps the app management team to rule out carnivores, trolls, and scammers.

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