Reasons behind people’s bad behavior on dating apps

With passing time the world of dating and dating apps has transformed a lot. Many people ask why the convenience of dating apps has provoked users to behave differently. Similarly, a common question arises: do dating apps breed bad behavior? Many users have been ghosted on dating apps occasionally. According to the data from the US, almost 42% of people on Tinder are married or in a relationship. Also, according to an American study, almost two-thirds of the participants have revealed that they had seen or known someone who uses Tinder while being in a relationship at the same time. 17% of the participants also said that they have met someone on Tinder who was in a committed relationship or intimate relationship.


Also, there are instances where people use dating apps to keep up backburner relationships. It happens when someone on a dating app maintains contact with other people with the hope that someday there will be something romantic or intimate. The author of the 2018 study found that the number of backburners didn’t differ significantly. Approximately 73% of the respondents reported that they had at least one back burner. Experts say that relationship maintenance in a backburner relationship includes positivity and frankness.

Online communication helps people to make easy contact. But for online dating, ghosting also has been much easier. According to the 2019 study, respondents had ghosted almost 29% of the people they had dated. Also, they had been ghosted by 25% of people they have dated. Almost 74% of the respondents claim that ghosting was the perfect way to end a relationship. In that study, participants reported both cases of sudden and gradual ghosting. However, gradual hosting enhanced the possibility of uncertainty for the person being ghosted. Ghosting happens so frequently due to the ease of ending a relationship. Also, it usually happens when the couple is yet to meet in person.

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