Waihi Drama Group has joined a dating service – Bumble to attract men

Waihi Drama is going over and beyond to entice men to the local movie theater, eventually embracing the dating service Bumble. With the commitment of assisting singles to fill their cold nights as well as possibly sometimes showing them a wonderful time, the group aims to get more boys and men engaged in the field of the movie house: lighting, sound, set construction and operation, public relations activities, and, as well as the casting and acting.

In the first 24 hours, more than 150 Bumble members liked the account. Sadly, most of them came from Auckland. It will be interesting to see if any homegrown talent makes an appearance for auditions on June 12. “Getting males on stage is something that many theaters deal with,” president Lucy James says. “They appear to believe we’ll outfit them in tights and have them parade around.



According to publicist Fi Gudsell, the majority of the performances they bring on are comedies based on true events to which everyone can connect to. “In The Pink Hammer, a builder had to educate a group of ladies on DIY techniques, while in Snip, a spouse tried to prevent a vasectomy. In The Viewing Room, our forthcoming production, we have brothers grappling with challenges at a family funeral “. In the gloomy comic The Viewing Room, eight characters must be played: Father Chester Dumbrosky (recently deceased — or so they believed), his wife, three young sons, two adult daughters, as well as the local funeral director.

The recommended ages for the parents are in their 70s-80s, and the others are in their 40s-50s, although these may wind up being younger, so people of all ages are welcome to participate. Audition times may be scheduled digitally, in which you can additionally learn much more about drama and the characters.

Fi thinks that a large number of female theatergoers will be another appeal for Bumble. “Of course, we possess ladies, which provides the theater an ideal venue for producing new connections and having new experiences.” Penny Ashton, who appeared in Promise & Promiscuity last year, returns on June 25 with Olive Copperbottom, a Dickensian tale of love, gin, and the pox. Her Bridgerton-style matching story is a long way from today’s internet dating culture, but Waihi Drama’s dynamic approach is successful.

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